Varilight Led Dimmer

VARILIGHT Dimmers for LED Lighting. The VARILIGHT LED Dimmers that you require will depend on the specification of your LED lighting, and the features you require.

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Make LEDs dim effortlessly with a Varilight LED dimmer switch. Available in 1, 2, 3 or 4 gang and in various finishes. Expert advice available, order a V-Pro …

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Choose Varilight V-Pro dimmers to control dimmable LED lighting.

Choose Varilight V-Pro or V-Com dimmers for dimmable LED lighting.

VARILIGHT Product Configurator Tool. To find product codes, product-specific information or to print a data sheet, use our Product Configurator Tool.

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Also known as Analogue dimming protocol which is one of the earliest and simplest electronic lighting control signalling systems. Simply put, the control signal is a DC voltage that varies between 1 & 10.

A guide to choosing lights, switches and dimmers, including smart light bulbs, led dimmers and dimmer light switches.

Shop Varilight JQP252W V-Pro White 2 Gang LED Trailing Edge Dimmer Switch 1 or 2 Way. Free delivery on eligible orders of £20 or more.

Specialising in dimmer switches (including LED dimmers for dimmable LEDs), decorative switches, decorative sockets and decorative wiring accessories Varilight have a comprehensive range which…

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How to program Varilight V-Pro dimmers Shop VARILIGHT Intelligent Trailing-Edge Dimmers (V-Pro) LED Dimmer Switch by Varilight. Free delivery on eligible orders of £20 or more.

This video demonstrates how to program Varilight V-Pro dimmers to optimise the performance of LED lighting. You can jump to relevant sections by clicking…